Eton Mess  (GF)  (NF), a mixture of meringue, berries with fresh whipped cream 10

Passionfruit Cheesecake (GF), with raspberry compote & vanilla ice-cream  10

Steamed Orange Pudding  (GF), served with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream  10

 Grilled Peaches  (GF), served with mascarpone, granola seeds & honey  12

Cheese Platter, choice of blue, brie or cheddar, fruit accompaniment and crackers – 2 cheeses 18 or 3 cheeses 22

Dux has a rotating selection of small treats, cakes and nibbles. Please ask one of our friendly staff for todayʼs choices or check the display fridge.

After Dinner Drinks

Liqueur Coffees 11
Truffle Hill Reserve Cane-Cut Riesling 2008 9
Kalleske Vintage Shiraz Port 2008 11
Gallway Pipe 12 Year Tawny Port 9
Pedro Ximenez Cardenal Cisneros Sweet Spanish Sherry 12

*Menus are subject to  change